When you are considering any change, most of us experience a resistance. If you keep putting off making changes this is a form of resistance, sending that email or making that call. Now for any real change a decision will happen followed by an action.

Cliff has been unquestionably instrumental in my personal growth and healing process. Through his approachable and open style I have managed to get myself out of some truly horrific mindsets which I thought were impossible to get rid of. I honestly couldn’t recommend him any more.

Jordan Beardsley-Elmes.

After having covid,I needed help and a friend recommended Cliff Partridge. He was brilliant I spoke to him twice,no more nightmares. It helps to talk to someone who listens.


I love Cliff’s work, he is a master at NLP.  I had transformational results with every session.   He really helped me cope through some of the most difficult times.  He has a great manner and sense of humour and makes you feel totally relaxed.   I completely love NLP and it’s because of Cliff and the way he practices, I have had it with other people and it wasn’t the same.  He’s literally the only person I’d go to for a session. Thanks so much! Ella Annaheim

Cliff has an amazing ability to make people feel at ease and has a very positive energy. NLP is so effective at helping you to understand your mind overcome problems in your life. Cliff is incredibly knowledgeable and a great guide to help you through difficulties using NLP and Hypnotherapy.